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Company seals

What is the purpose of a company seal?

Every Irish-registered company is obliged by law to have a corporate seal also known as the “Common Seal” with the company name carved in legible lettering. 

A business seal is used to emboss official company documents, ensuring their credibility. In other words, it serves as the company’s signature. The company’s name is etched on the seal, and when it is used, it leaves an indentation on paper.

We can also create a desk seal, which is a standing company seal, suitable for regular use in desk and does not require installation. Desk Seals can be used for pruning up to 120 gsm of paper. 

On the 38mm diameter round face of these high-quality seals, you can put up to 50 characters. Plier Seals can emboss paper with a weight of up to 100 gsm. Our Pliers Company Seal is €30+VAT and is light-weight and portable.

Desk seal / Pilers Seal

When a company seal is required, you will usually be notified. They are commonly used to certify the authenticity of official documents. A company seal can be used on:

If you require a company seal, you can order one from a legislation stationers or from a company formation agent who will purchase the seal on your behalf. It is typically purchased after you have established your Limited Company because you must first have your company name approved.

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