Advisory Unit for Sports

Providing expert guidance on athletic training, injury prevention, performance optimization, and sports psychology for athletes and teams.

Advisory Unit for Sports
  • Creating a tax structure
  • Image rights exploitation that is tax-efficient
  • Tax benefits for athletes
  • Advice on international taxation
  • Preparing for retirement
  • Management of personal wealth
  • Investing guidance
  • Tax planning for heirs
  • Sporting organisations are exempt from paying taxes.
  • Sports organisations can receive tax-advantaged funding.
  • Advice on VAT
  • Financial reporting and adherence to regulations

Are You a Sporting Goods Enthusiast?

Are you confronted with both challenges and opportunities?

There will be many similar financial challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing sports business environment.

TAS Consulting is the tax and financial consulting firm in Ireland to establish a dedicated sports unit to advise sports professionals, associations, and businesses. We now advise some of Ireland’s most well-known sports, including rugby, soccer, GAA, and athletics.

We understand the problems you’re having and how to solve them. So give us a call if you’re looking for professionals with a proven track record.

We have the experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive and proactive service to sports professionals, associations, and businesses.


Our Best Services

We offer a wide range of accounting-related services of unrivalled quality and dependability. We believe that each customer should be treated as an individual with distinct needs and requirements. TAS provides each customer with customized and tailored solutions in the following areas:

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