Self-Employed Income tax returns for 2021.

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Selff employed


Time frame to file and pay income tax for 2021 is by 31 Oct 2022.

Income tax return in ireland

Most taxpayers in Ireland are taxed at source and so do not need to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return. If you are an employee, your employer submit payrolls directly to Revenue and hence your taxes are covered through submission of payroll and payment of taxes which are withheld by your emloyer.

  • A person is Self Employed or in a Partnership in Business
  • A company director
  • Income is from investments
  • A person has an income from a house or commercial property
  • A person has a foreign Income

Revenue can not be contacted with regards to organising tax affairs and to minimise tax liability. A tax professional may be contacted to help you out with calculating tax liabilities and implications of having incomes from different sources.


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