Business Plans

TAS Consulting Limited will help you with business planning, cashflow forecasting, and getting your business off the ground.

Business Plans

A good business idea generally requires a solid business plan with accurate financial data and a strategy for turning the idea into a reality.

Most start-up businesses would need financing, and a business plan not only helps you to determine if your project is viable, but it also allows a bank or other lending institution to comprehend the concept and how the business will develop.

About Us:

We are a local business plan consultant that specializes in Business Plan Writing. We have a track record of helping our clients raising funds using our business plans. Our consultants have a wide industry experience.

Our Business Plan Writers have benefited a number of Startups from various industries such as Tech, Hospitality, Property, Services, and a lot of unique types of businesses. We have assisted growing companies needed to pitch their ideas to investors and their management teams.

The importance of creating a business plan

Your business plan is the most important document that defines your business and its future aspirations and potential. It contains detailed information on how the money will be sourced for the business, how funds will be employed, and resources are optimized.

What’s the business plan?

A business plan is a template of your company operations, expenses and funding. It summarizes all of the essential facts that assist prospective clients, funders, lenders and other stakeholders understand what your company is attempting to attain.

    Essential Elements in Business Plan

    Executive Summary

    Business Description

    Market Analysis

    Target Market

    Competitive Analysis

    Research & Development

    Operational Plan

    Management Team

    Financial Projections

    Sales & Marketing

    • 12-18 Page custom Business Plan 
    • Bank & Micro Finance Loan ready
    • Basic Industry and Market Research
    • Full 3-year financials
    • Basic Marketing Plan
    • Target Market Analysis
    • Free Consultations
    • Delivered in PDF format
    • 25-30 Page custom-tailored plan   
    • Bank, Enterprise Grants, and Investor ready!
    • Complete Industry & Market Research Analysis
    • Full 3 to 5-year Financials Projections
    • Standard Marketing Plan
    • Professionally Bound
    • Design & Delivery
    • 30+ page comprehensive Business Plan 
    • Bank, Enterprise Grants, and Investor ready!
    • Complete Industry & Market Research Analysis
    • Full 3 to 5-year Financials Projections
    • Strategic Marketing Plan
    • Free Revisions
    • Custom Company Logo
    • Fully Designed & Delivered

    Industries We Serve


    • Tech Companies
    • Apps
    • Fintech
    • Insurtech
    • E-commerce

    Financial Services

    • Financial Services
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Estate Agents

    Development and Retails

    • Hotels
    • Property Development
    • International Development

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