RCT Contractors

Are you a construction contractor whether main contractor or sub-contractor, we can assist in taxation for these matters? We can help to get your RCT rate to 0% (Subject to review of your affairs and application).

rct contractors

Over the last Decade, TAS Consulting Limited has come up with Accountancy and Taxation services for Tradesmen, Builders, Principal Contractors, and Sub-c=Contractor including Carpanters, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, and General Builders

We will prepare Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax, submit VAT, RCT Returns, PAYE, and get ready and submit the organization’s office returns as required. 

In specific cases, when considered more productive and financially savvy for customers, we will prepare customers or their staff to keep up their own accounting and finance records. We will exhortation on suitable programming to cater to every business guaranteeing your books and records are forward-thinking and exact consistently.

what we are

If you are a Subcontractor, you should not charge VAT on your invoice to the Main Contractor. The invoice issued should replicate a normal VAT invoice but without a VAT amount being added. It should carry the endorsement that VAT on the supply is to be accounted for by the main contractor. You must register for VAT if your Turnover is above or will be above €37,500 in any 12-month period. Even though you do not charge VAT to the main contractor, providing you are registered you may reclaim VAT incurred by you on business expenses.

1. Accounting for RCT.

2. Reconciliations and ensuring tax are correctly accounted for

3. Applying for Refunds on RCTs or adjustments against taxes.

4. Advice on the most suitable business form

5. Register Business Name

6. Yearend Review of taxes

7. Advice on Business Processes

8. Register for Taxes

9. Personal Financial, Advice Pensions.

services we provide
  • Register you with Revenue as a contractor
  • Confirm your subcontractors with Revenue
  • Make sure you pay your subcontractor correctly within the scheme
  • Supply deduction statements to the subcontractors
  • Keep your records in well order and supply Revenue with monthly returns
  • Ensure you do not incur a fine by failing to submit your monthly returns to Revenue. 
  • Determine your status as a subcontractor or employee, (or both) and register you with Revenue accordingly
  • Confirm you with Revenue on behalf of your contractor
  • Manage and organize your business records
  • Make your end of year self-assessment tax return and calculate your tax liability/refund where applicable