Medical Accountant & Tax Consultant

We can advise on medical related tax reliefs available, tax planning opportunities and VAT liabilities as well as a full range of accountancy services to ensure your tax affairs are up to date.

medical accountant
  • We offer an all-inclusive fixed fee for accounts, taxation and general advice with unlimited email and telephone support
  • Timely preparation of Annual Return and Accounts.
  • Appraisal of the practice finance with our ratios and statistical analysis so you can compare your practice performance with others
  • Explanations of partner’s capital/current accounts together with advice on working capital requirement
  • Drawings projections prepared and discussed with the partners including additional drawings projections throughout the year, to help plan for changes to practice profits
  • Advice to partners of their income tax projections prepared in advance of liabilities falling due
  • Succession planning with advice on new partners joining or the retirement of partners
  • Advice for retiring partners including capital gains tax on sale of surgery premises.
  • Additional advice given on all aspects of GP finance, including mergers, premises reimbursements, employment status of locums, including personal medical services, extra income generation, etc.
  • For Partnerships, we complete the partnership tax return
  • Completion of partners personal tax returns including advice on personal expenses claims to help reduce tax liabilities
  • Tax planning advice to help reduce tax liabilities
  • Phone calls and emails returned within 24 hours, letters within 2 days
  • Proactive advice delivered through courses, meetings, and email.

TAS Consulting Limited specialise in providing accountancy, taxation and business advice to General Practitioners, Hospital Consultants and Locum Doctors in the medical profession.

TAS offer a full range of specialist support and advisory services for Dental Principals, Partners, Associates and Hygienists to help you plan, understand and improve your Practice’s performance.

As accounting Experts we understand your business needs having acquired an in depth working knowledge of the Irish dental and medical profession and offer professional advice and services for Practice Sales & Purchases and Practice Management.

We offer an accountancy service tailored to Doctors and Consultants.

For over 10 years we have been helping Doctors, Consultants and Health Professionals navigate their way through the complex issues of taxation and pension planning in the Medical Profession.

By being specialists in the field we stay up to date with the latest changes and make sure you always have the best advice, clearly explained by a helpful team of subject experts, and all in an agreed fixed price plan.

1. Locums

Working as a Locum doctor can give you flexibility and a varied work experience, but making sure you are being paid correctly and not storing up trouble with Revenue can be more difficult, which is where we can help.

1.1 Umbrella Company for Locums

Umbrella companies ‘Off Payroll’ working
An umbrella company offers many of the benefits available through a limited company but without the administrative burden.

Our Expert team provide a wide range of accounting and taxation services to locum doctors.

Our charges are important to clients and we therefore quote a fixed fee for our recurrent services. The quote will depend on the locums’ circumstances and the quality of their record keeping.

Fees for the non-recurrent services would be based upon the time involved and would be agreed prior to the work being carried out.

Structuring yourself as a limited company can be a very attractive business structure. In the right circumstances it is possible for a doctor to achieve savings by:

  • Splitting their income with a spouse or civil partner.
  • Arranging for income to be taxed at 20% rather than the higher 40% or 45% tax rates.
  • Reduce National Insurance Contributions.

As a hospital doctor you want to ensure you are getting the best specialist advice on your financial matters to minimise your tax and check your pension rights are maximised

As a Hospital GP you have your salaried income but you might also have additional locum income or income from private work. You may also have savings income and sometimes rental income as well.
We offer a range of taxation services to hospital doctors to make sure your finances are working the best for you:

The tax rules governing personal expenses for salaried doctors are strict and are by no means as generous as the expense rules enjoyed by self employed consultants and GP principals.The rules state that an expense must be incurred ‘wholly, necessarily and exclusively’ in the performance of the duties of a doctors employment.

We have successfully helped many hospital doctors receive tax refunds over the years.
This is a relatively simple process.
We talk the doctor through the process by telephone. We then provide the doctor with a pro forma tax refund letter along with simple instructions.

For GPs to survive they need all the help they can get. They need a specialist GP accountant who will ensure they understand their practice accounts, understand their taxation and help achieve their long term financial goals.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you want an accountant with experience in working with GP Practices, so they know what to look for and understand the issues.

Rules change constantly. Something that was OK yesterday can be suddenly wrong today, and the fines for non-compliance or late filing are much more onerous than they used to be.

Medical Practices

Our Best Services

We offer a wide range of accounting-related services of unrivalled quality and dependability. We believe that each customer should be treated as an individual with distinct needs and requirements. TAS provides each customer with customized and tailored solutions in the following areas:

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