Changes in the Directors or the Secretary of the Company

  • If you need to replace a Company Director or Secretary in your Irish Limited Company, TAS Consulting Limited can help.
Changes in the Directors or the Secretary of the Company

Changing a Company Director or Company Secretary is not as simple as filling out a form. For a corporation registered in Ireland, the following procedures are required to execute this activity properly: 

  • Companies Registration Office Form B10 preparation and filing
  • Minutes of the Board of Directors to approve appointments and resignations
  • If the Officer resigns, a letter indicating that he or she has no claims against the company may be required.
  • A contract or letter of appointment may be required if an appointment is made.
  • Updating the board of directors and, if applicable, the board of directors’ interests

Our fees for changing the Director or Secretary of an Irish company, including the required board minutes, start at just €55 +VAT.

Paying a small amount to do it right could save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long run. Please contact us for further information or to continue with changing a Company Director or Company Secretary in Ireland.

Please call +353 1 442 8230 for more information and a free and confidential consultation with our Team member or complete our Contact Form and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours.

Under the Companies Act 2014 and at common law, directors have a legal obligation to operate and manage the company diligently and competently. The Company Secretary is also in charge of filing annual reports and attending board meetings, although this is a fiduciary duty.

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