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It’s no surprise that many horse trainers and breeders struggle to keep up with their bookkeeping and tax obligations. While VAT, and tax payments are often among a trainer’s or breeder’s largest financial obligations, many end up paying too much tax, incurring fines for non-compliance, and struggling to obtain financing because their records are out of date.

Horse trainers & Jockeys

We can help you manage your cash flow and obtain financing for your horse truck or vehicle in addition to the usual small business compliance issues of taxes.

We’ll structure the financing to maximize tax benefits, recommend the best accounting software to reduce compliance costs, and assist you with payroll management.


We’ve helped trainers, breeders, and jockeys get their businesses off the ground as business start-up specialists. We provide a variety of financial services and have created a number of useful tools to assist you in making the best possible first steps in your business. Our startup expense checklist will assist you in identifying all of your startup costs, including equipment, IT, and marketing. These numbers go into a cash flow budget template to generate a profit and loss forecast for your first year of business.

horse racing

We provide a wide range of accounting, taxation, and business coaching services, including the following:

  • Advice for Thoroughbred Horse Trainers, Breeders, and Jockeys Starting a Business
  • Tools such as the Start-Up Expense Checklist and Business Plan and Cash Flow Budget Templates are available.
  • Advice and help with the formation of your company and tax structure
  • VAT registrations
  • Business plans, cash flow forecasts, and profit projections are all things that we do.
  • Bookkeeping, Invoicing, and Payroll Software Selection and Training
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis
  • Finance Application Preparation
  • Payroll and bookkeeping services
  • Tax Planning Techniques
  • Help with your marketing, including branding, corporate brochures, and more.
  • Advice and assistance with website development, content, and SEO
  • Services for Financial Planning
  • Costs of labour and subcontractors are being monitored and controlled.
  • Pricing Your Services and Claiming Motor Vehicle Expenses Advice & Assistance
  • Employee Relations and Workplace Laws Guidance
  • Planning for Business Succession


If you have any queries, or would like specific advice, then please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Accounting team.

call us on +353 (0)1 442 8230, 00353 851477625 or email moh@tasconsulting.ie

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