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We offers an outsourced, cost effective and efficient payroll services.

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Consideration of Taxes

Employees in Ireland will be required to pay income tax, social insurance, and the universal social charge. The amount of income tax and social security contributions is computed based on the individual’s earnings and circumstances. The newly enacted Universal Social Charge is a tax that ranges from 2 to 8%, depending on your income.

If your company wants to expand into Ireland, setting up and maintaining a payroll to hire local employees will most likely be a critical part of the process. This process can be quite complicated, and dealing with the administration and compliance work can cause delays of weeks or even months.

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Payroll accuracy is crucial, and nothing bothers employees more than a mistake or a delay in the issuance of pay slips. You can count on our outsourced payroll solution to make sure your employees are paid on time and that their NI and pension payments are calculated appropriately. We’ll tell you who and what you need to pay, provide you with paystubs, and file your revenue reports for you. We take care of every facet of a company’s payroll, offering the most comprehensive service available.

For a fixed monthly fee, we are best known for our all-inclusive unlimited service plan, which includes all accounting services required by a Ireland business and more. In addition, if you sign up for our all-inclusive service, we will give you a 50% discount on any outstanding Payroll responsibilities.

Here are the main services we provide for payroll:

We offer a wide range of payroll services, including payroll, management reports and cost analysis, as well as outsourced services. We specialise in assisting businesses expand internationally, including into Ireland, at TAS Consulting. Whether you have an entity in Ireland or not, our payroll setup and management services are designed to give clients a faster, more reliable route into Irish employment and expansion, ensuring you operate in full compliance with local regulations.

Working with us, you can be assured of a reliable management of the entire payroll processing from start to finish, which reduces compliance risk.

Our expert in-country Ireland team will assist you in meeting the mandatory payroll requirements in Ireland. So, get started on your expansion now.

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