TAS Consulting

VAT Compliance for Retail, eCommerce & Online Sellers

TAS Specialists can handle all of your VAT compliance needs. We handle your VAT registrations and filings.

Foreign companies supplying goods or services in Ireland are required to register for VAT without any exceptions.

TAS Consulting has helped foreign companies to get an Irish VAT and has facilitated with tax authorities.

If you are a motor dealer and need help in compliance with Taxes for second-hand car transactions, contact us

This covers all of the requirements for the release of the Irish VAT registration number, as well as determining when VAT de-registration is necessary. We provide a comprehensive service.

We will assist you with the various information requirements as well as reporting formats for each VAT return. All periodic statutory declarations will be managed by our compliance teams.

Our experts are well-equipped and trained to direct you around Ireland’s dynamic tax problems.