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VAT Registration & VAT De-Registration

Your VAT registration and inspection will be accomplished by us while addressing all of your worries and covering all crucial checks.

TAS Consultant Tax Advisor can allow you to determine if VAT registration is needed for your business. If you’re thinking about voluntary enrollment, we could even review whether it is going to save your business money or offer advantages in the long term for expansion.
Knowledge of local tax laws and procedures, as well as relevant language skills, are needed to register for VAT; this is where TAS Consulti stands out from the competition.

Many companies outsource to our TAS specialists for these purposes, and we assign a single point of contact to assist you with the entire ‘VAT Registration’ and VAT enforcement process.

TAS Consulting Limited will assist you in determining when ‘VAT De-Registration’ is appropriate and will submit a request on your behalf to the local tax authority to de-register your company for VAT purposes. At the same time, we will advise you on how to ensure that all VAT paid by your company in the relevant country is recovered.

Foreign companies supplying goods or services in Ireland are required to register for VAT without any exceptions.

TAS Consulting has helped foreign companies to get an Irish VAT and has facilitated with tax authorities.

If you are a motor dealer and need help in compliance with Taxes for second-hand car transactions, contact us

This covers all of the requirements for the release of the Irish VAT registration number, as well as determining when VAT de-registration is necessary. We provide a comprehensive service.

We will assist you with the various information requirements as well as reporting formats for each VAT return. All periodic statutory declarations will be managed by our compliance teams.

Our experts are well-equipped and trained to direct you around Ireland’s dynamic tax problems.

Still unsure about VAT registration in Ireland? Talk to our Consultant by calling +353 1 4428230 or fill the form below.