Apply for Charitable Status

All charitable organizations operating in Ireland are required to register with us. Here you can learn about the requirements for registration and the benefits of doing so, as well as start your application for charitable status.

Apply for Charitable Status

Secretary of State (that can be one of the Directors)

3 Directors who are not related

A minimum of three people are required (this is All the Directors also)

Specific Clauses to be Included in the Constitution

If your organisation is solely dedicated to the prevention or alleviation of financial hardship, the advancement of education or religion, or any other community-beneficial purpose. The Charities Regulator can register a business if it operates within the Republic of Ireland.

Charitable Status Application in Ireland

There are numerous advantages to obtaining charitable status for community and voluntary organizations if at all possible. It gives your company credibility and authority. Many funders of community and voluntary organizations demand that they be designated as charitable organizations. Furthermore, the organization is exempt from some taxes and may apply to the Valuation Office for a charge-free building exemption.

 Your charity will not automatically receive a Charitable Tax Exemption from Revenue if it is registered with the Charities Regulatory Authority.

You must be registered for both tax and revenue. To apply for the exemption, fill out Form CHY1 and send it to the Revenue’s Charities Section with the following information:

Your most recent financial statements or budget details

A statement outlining your current and future actions and strategies

A copy of your organization’s charter.

With the introduction of the new Charities Act, which includes the establishment of the Charities Regulatory Authority, the procedure has recently become more complicated (CRA). A CLG organization that wishes to apply for charitable status in Ireland must include specific clauses in its constitution. If necessary, the TAS Consulting experts can schedule a one-hour consultation to guide you through the charitable status application process.

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