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Late Income Tax Return Ireland

Late Income Tax return Filing Consequences

Consequences of Missing a Deadline

Are you a business owner, proprietary director, non-proprietary director, or a landlord in Ireland? Did you miss the 31st October deadline for filing your Form 11 Income Tax Return?

We understand that sometimes individuals may be late filing the income tax return due to various reasons. This article will explore the consequences of a missed income tax return deadline and the steps you should take to rectify the situation.

Penalties for filing taxes after the deadline

Penalties may be imposed on individuals who file their Income Tax Returns late.

To avoid these penalties, it’s important to ensure timely filing and stay up to date with your tax obligations.

individuals who miss the Income Tax Return deadline may incur penalties in the form of a late filing surcharge, which varies depending on the timing.

Filing within two months of the deadline results in a surcharge of 5% of the total liability up to a maximum of €12,695.

If the return is filed more than two months late, the surcharge increases to 10% of the total liability, with a maximum of €63,485.

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Consequences of Late Tax Filing: Increased Audit Risk

Risk of Revenue Audit

Audits can be stressful and time-consuming, possibly requiring the assistance of a tax advisor. Filing your Income Tax Return late increases the likelihood of a Revenue audit, resulting in closer scrutiny of your tax affairs. If audited, you must provide supporting documents. Failure to comply can result in further penalties and fines.

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Interest on Overdue Tax Payments:

If an individual fails to pay their tax liability before the deadline, they must pay interest on the overdue balance as determined by the Revenue Commissioners after the due date. The current interest rate is set at 0.0274% per day.

Director’s Responsibility for Income Tax Returns:

Directors are equally responsible for filing their income tax returns and are subject to late filing penalties if they miss the deadline, similar to other individuals. These penalties apply to all of the director’s income, not solely the income received from the company.

Publication of Non-Compliant Taxpayers:

Individuals who fail to comply with their tax obligations may have their names and companies published by the Revenue Commissioners. This can damage reputations and create difficulties in obtaining credit in the future.

How to Handle Errors on Your Tax Return?

After discovering an error in my Income Tax Return, I can amend it along with the self-assessment by notifying the Revenue either in writing or electronically. I need to inform them about the error and how it occurred.

Usually, I can amend self-assessed tax returns up to four years after the end of the chargeable period if I notice a mistake. However, I cannot make amendments if a Revenue office has initiated inquiries, investigations, or audits.

Consequences of Not Paying Taxes:

If you don’t pay taxes, you could face penalties, interest charges, legal actions by Revenue, and damage to your credit rating, affecting future financial transactions.

Revenue may take enforcement actions to collect outstanding taxes, such as referring the case to the Revenue Sheriff or an external solicitor, freezing bank accounts, or initiating liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings.

Can Late Filings Impact Subsequent Year’s Tax Returns?

Late filings can affect next year’s taxes. Business owners and directors are not only required to file their annual Income Tax returns and pay income tax but also to settle annual preliminary tax, which anticipates the tax liability for the upcoming tax year.

When filing the upcoming income tax return, you may incur additional interest on late preliminary tax payments from the previous year if your income tax return is filed late.


Timely filing of Income Tax Returns is crucial to avoid penalties and potential audits by Revenue. Late filings can result in surcharges and interest charges, while failure to pay taxes on time can lead to further financial repercussions and even enforcement actions. Directors share equal responsibility and are subject to penalties for late filing. Non-compliance with tax obligations can damage reputations and credit ratings. It’s important to promptly address errors in tax returns and comply with Revenue requirements to avoid complications.

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