Construction Accountants

  • Construction is an important aspect of the Irish economy, and construction firms are currently under a lot of stress.
  • We assist our clients in growing their construction business, regardless of its size or turnover.
Construction accountants

For decades, Our Accountants has worked with a variety of construction enterprises.

We’ve worked with a diverse spectrum of clients over the years, from small businesses with their own vans to large construction companies with complex payroll and bookkeeping needs.

    We can assist you at every stage by delivering the following services:

    Reconciliation of Bank Accounts

    Taxes on sales, purchases, and payroll

    Returns on VAT and PAYE


    Payment of Bills


    And any other financial services your company may require. Our team of fully qualified bookkeepers, accountants, and financial planners will take care of the details so you can focus on growing your company.

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    Our Best Services

    We offer a wide range of accounting-related services of unrivalled quality and dependability. We believe that each customer should be treated as an individual with distinct needs and requirements. TAS provides each customer with customized and tailored solutions in the following areas:

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