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How Much Do Accountants Charge for Small Business

Every business should strive to keep overhead costs to a minimum, but SMEs in particular should do so because their budgets are typically smaller. An internal accounting team or corporate accountants can be a very expensive overhead for a small corporation.

Of course, many businesses would argue that the cost is justified given that accountants are also hired for their financial expertise in areas such as tax deductions, credit control, and budgeting, in addition to providing basic accounting services.

Some accounting companies provide set fees for their services, but it’s crucial to get complete clarification on what is included by the conditions of use.

Any effective business and accounting relationship depends on clarity and openness, particularly when it comes to pricing.

Ensure that you have coverage for any queries or guidance you might require during the year.

It can be difficult to find any fees online when looking for an accountant. This is so that every business can have a different fee based on their turnover and level of complexity. Given this, it’s uncommon to find an accounting firm that offers a “one price fits all.”

  • Annual revenue
  • The proportion of transactions in cash
  • Software for online accounting
  • Do you need any additional services?

Limited Companies that have just been formed can take advantage of our Startup Offer for €165+VAT/month for the first 18 months of operation. All of your accounting obligations for the first 18 months of your business are covered by this Startup Offer.

  • Corporation Tax, VAT, PAYE, RCT, VAT MOSS, and EORI tax applications
  • Return for Corporation Tax
  • Bimonthly VAT returns for 30 transactions
  • Director’s One Return
  • Free online accounting software with a yearly value of €350
  • Continual assistance from your devoted accounting team

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