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Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax imposed on products and services in Ireland. As a trader or service provider business, you may be required to collect VAT on Sales and then pay to Revenue on a bi monthly basis.

It is the responsibility of a business to charge, collect and pay VAT liability to Revenue.

This is a matter of judgment and tax advice is suggested however, revenue has prescribed certain limited as to when business needs to register for VAT.

  • When your business or a company sale exceeds by €37,500 for Services and €75,000 for goods in a year time, then the business must register for VAT. in goods, you must register for VAT in Ireland.
  • Receiving any outside-of-Ireland services. If you receive services from outside Ireland and use them in Ireland, your company may be required to register for VAT.
  • Receiving goods from other EU Member States worth more than €41,000, also defined as intra-community acquisitions (ICA)

The term “VAT rates” refers to the percentage of VAT that you will charge on your product or service.

For VAT registration you can use ROS revenue online system or send a form posted or emailed to Revenue for VAT registration.

Revenue assesses your application and may grant a vat number or may refuse the application.

If application for VAT is refused, still business can re apply vat number.

Examples when it can be refused.

  • When revenue can’t establish a business is going to run from a place where it is necessary to conduct business from.
  • Or it has no customers and founder or employees are not based in Ireland.
  • They may ask further questions to understand whether they should grant the VAT number.
  • You’ve got invoices from Irish vendors and clients.
  • The Company has trading activity in Ireland
  • Owner/director of the company lives here.
  • Have Physical office in Ireland, virtual office is not acceptable

In Ireland, how long does it take to obtain a VAT number?

It can take up to a month after Revenue receives your VAT application before you receive your VAT number, and this is assuming Revenue makes no inquiries.

Before you receive your VAT number, Revenue may require you to answer questions about your business or provide additional evidence. If they do, they will typically give you 30 days to respond to an inquiry, but it is critical that you respond as soon as possible.

For a given time period, a VAT return lists the invoices on which you have charged VAT and the invoices on which you have claimed VAT. 

If you are VAT registered, you must file your VAT3 returns by the 19th of the month following the end of each tax period, or by the 23rd if you file via ROS (Revenue Online Service).

The taxable period is a two-month (bi-monthly) period that begins on January 1st.

You must notify the Irish Revenue Commissioners as soon as possible if you wish to cancel your VAT registration. Your VAT registration may be revoked if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  • Trade has ceased to exist.
  • Your turnover has dropped below the acceptable threshold.
  • Inadvertently, a VAT registration was submitted.
  • Your business has evolved to the point where you no longer make taxable supplies.

If you do business with a lot of other businesses that charge VAT, you may want to register for VAT. The drawback is that you must submit bi-monthly VAT returns to Revenue. For a small business, this could be a significant additional expense.

Speaking with one of our experts can assist you in determining whether or not you should complete VAT registration in Ireland.

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