TAS Consulting

Register your company in Ireland

Step 1. Create a CRO account.

Create a login.

Once login is set up, Cro website gives options to perform various tasks. For the purpose of this tutorial, we have only included specific steps to incorporate a company in Ireland.

Step 2. On the top menu bar, select File a form. That will show a dropdown menu and

select A1 Application to incorporate a company.

Step: 3 Next a windows pop up and ask to Verify Fe Phrainn Number. Please enter Next.

Step: 4 Next step is to pay a company office fee and submit.

Once submitted it requires to print of the signature page and Constitution pdf (4 pages in total). They must be signed and sent to the companies’ registration office.

CRO will assess the docs and will register a company If the docs are in order.

If you require any assistance in setting up a company contact us at 01 4428230.