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Tax Return Deadline: Deadline For All Irish Tax Returns

Tax Return Deadline: Deadline For All Irish Tax Returns

What happens if I don’t submit a tax return by 31st October?

Every year in Ireland – Landlords, Subcontractors, Freelancers, Small Business Owners and Self-Employed individuals must pay tax on the profits made during the year.

In order to pay your tax, you must complete an income tax return, which is then submitted to the Revenue Commissioners. Even if you make a loss, you are still obliged to submit an income tax return.

Be sure you do not miss the October 31st income tax return deadline, or you might end up paying more than you originally needed to. Interest may be charged for each day (or part of day) you go over. Paying interest on late fees will quickly add up and cause more financial complications than you need or want.

Who Is Required to File an Income Tax Return in Ireland?

All non-PAYE workers are required to file an income tax return. This includes individuals operating in a variety of professions including:

•  Self-Employed Individual
•  Irish Landlords
•  Non-Resident Landlords
•  Freelancers
•  Individuals with investment income
•  Individuals with Foreign income (including pensions)
•  Individuals profiting from share options or share incentives
•  Construction Subcontractors
•  Individuals with approval of SARP (Special Assignee Relief Programme)
•  Proprietary Directors

You must continuously keep track and file your business receipts throughout the year. Receipts serve as evidence of your business expenses – without them you cannot make a claim against the expense. Keeping track of receipts will help eliminate time and pressure when the tax deadline approaches.

In addition to managing your business expense receipts, you’ll also need to keep track of all your sales invoices and bank statements for the year. This will help streamline the process when it’s time to file your income tax return.