In order to ensure that the company you are trading with has a valid VAT number is important for online sellers. If your counter party or person you sell is not vat registered it will have different tax implications for you e.g collection of VAT is required for you and if not collected it can be bearable from your resources.

When selling B2B in Europe, the VAT numbers of the parties concerned must be validated ahead of time to ensure that they belong to the companies in question and that they are correct at the time of purchase. The selling is then considered a B2B trade.

There are other instances in an online seller’s everyday life where testing a VAT number makes sense – and with the right resources, it’s no big deal. VAT IDs are usually reviewed with the European Commission’s VIES (VAT Information Exchange System).

It’s a useful method for verifying the authenticity of VAT identification numbers, and it’s the most commonly used.

There is an EU Validation check for VAT is available.

Check it out if you have to check VAT IDs on a daily basis and with a variety of VAT numbers at the same time. It’s completely free and will save you a lot of time.

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