TAS Consulting


We have partnered with Xero the leading global cloud accounting platform.

Tech is a significant driving force behind a number of the best changes now being undergone from the accountancy and accounting professions together with among the most critical changes being the international growth of internet or “cloud” bookkeeping.

Our talented accountants in TAS Consulting have undergone extensive training. As a result, they’re well-equipped to give your clients a top-notch Xero presentation and may even transfer their Present data onto Xero’s system.

  • Review current bookkeeping Applications to determine the cleanliness of Information to Get one-off conversion
  • If present data is clean (Doesn’t contain mistakes or utilize multi-currency) subsequently will use the complimentary Move my Novels support to convert the information to some Xero format
  • When the information Isn’t clean then We’ll extract the information from present bookkeeping to be erased into Xero
  • Agree your chart of account together with your accounting staff
  • Import supplier and customer contact information in Xero
  • Import client and provider opening accounts
  • If Your Company is retail, then We’ll determine whether your till systems may be connected to Xero and We’ll join them if needed

Huge Time Savings

Company Registration

Access anytime, anywhere

Improved cash flow

Up-to-date financial information at your fingertips

Connect through a Xero App

Take pictures of expenses receipts- Images are imported

Xero App allows bookkeeping tasks anytime and from anywhere