Reporting Employee Share Schemes

Revenue advised a process of filing information regarding share based schemes introduced by employers ( Irish companies ) . The reporting is in the form of an annual return known as Form RSS1 and Form KEEP1. Employers are required to file this information through revenue online system ROS.

Reporting Employee Share Schemes

The detailed guidance was issued by revenue That outlined the process to file the annual information returns for share scheme reporting Form RSS1 and Form KEEP1.1

Revenue Updated Guidance TAS Consulting

Key matters to keep in mind when filling these forms are:

  1. Form RSS1 – employers must return details of the grant, exercise, assignment, or release of unapproved share options.
  2. Form KEEP1 – employers must return information in respect of the grant, exercise, assignment, or release of qualifying share options awarded to directors and employees under the Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) scheme.

Deadline to submit relevent forms

The due date is on or before 31 March in the following year, i.e., the due date to file the Forms RSS1 and KEEP1 in respect of the 2024 tax year is 31 March 2025.

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