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How to Close an Irish Company Voluntary Strike-Off

how to close an irish company voluntary strike off

If the assets and liabilities of an Irish company are worth less than €150 or the balance sheet is zero, the company may be struck off the register voluntarily. This is the simplest and quickest way to dissolve an Irish corporation

TAS Consulting can take all of the necessary steps on your behalf to ensure that the company is properly closed in the shortest time possible. In Ireland, a Voluntary Strike-Off must take the following steps:

  • Ensure that all annual returns and accounts are current.
  • Make a statement from the board of directors stating that the company has ceased to trade or has never traded.
  • Draft minutes of the Board of Directors’ and Shareholders’ Consent to the Company’s Dissolution
  • Request a letter of no objection from the Department of Revenue.
  • Place an ad in the Irish National Daily Newspaper.
  • Form H15 must be completed and filed with the Companies Registration Office.

After all of the above is taken care of, the company will be struck off the register in about three months. Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as the company has been struck off.

The first step.

The firm must submit all outstanding annual returns at least two weeks before the request for strike-off is lodged, and all applicable costs and late filing penalties must be paid in respect of such filings.

The Second step.

The Revenue Commissioners can provide a letter of no objection.

The Third step

An advertising is produced and distributed countrywide in one daily newspaper in the Republic of Ireland, and it is attached to Form H15. The advertisement can appear in The Irish Independent, The Irish Daily Mail, The Irish Daily Mirror, The Irish Daily Star, The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner, The Evening Herald, or The Sun (Irish Edition).

This advertisement should appear in a newspaper no more than four weeks before the application for voluntary strike off is delivered to the CRO. Because both the name of the newspaper and the date of publication must be displayed with the advertisement, the entire newspaper page on which the advertisement appears should be submitted to the CRO with Form H15.

The Fourth step

Form H15 is used by a director of a company who is currently listed as such with CRO to request the company’s strike-off. Because processes 1 and 2 above can take some time, the advertisement should not be placed until these stages have been finished.

NOTE: Penalty fees owed to the Companies Registration Office (if any) are not included in the following figures. The cost of producing late Annual Returns (if applicable) is an additional charge. TAS Consulting strongly suggests that you properly dispose of your company. Failure to follow the proper approach for selling a firm, as indicated above, has a number of risks. An individual may be penalized and/or prevented from operating as a corporate director or manager of an Irish company for a term of 5 to 10 years if the Director of Corporate Enforcement takes legal action.

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