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Recruitment License Main Requirements:

Please note that when putting the ad in the paper, the investors must choose among the newspapers which are approved by the local associations, rather than all newspapers are eligible for this process. As stated previously, the issuance of this license is obligated from the payment of a commission, that is currently imposed at a fixed value of EUR 500, which must be compensated on a yearly basis.

Provided that all of the Records are dispersed correctly and that the organization has accepted the program, that the recruitment firm will be given using a license, that will be valid for a duration of one year. Upon its own expiry, the investors can ask the issuance of another permit (which retains the title of Employment Agency License) and this needs to be done a month before the expiry date

As a general rule, it Is essential to be aware that the license to get a recruitment firm can Be issued at a span of a couple of weeks, but in training, brief delays may seem. In the case of license renewal, the process takes less than 2 weeks.

Provided that the license needed for a recruitment agency has expired and that the new license has not yet been issued, the firm is lawfully required to halt its actions, until the new permit, is available; our group of specialists in business registration in Ireland provides more information on additional regulations that can be applied to recruitment agencies inside this country.

There Are Numerous Files that need to be filed with the Minister of Trade, Enterprise, and Employment If applying for a recruitment agency Permit in Ireland. Aside from these, there are other requirements that need to be fulfilled. We cite the following:

  • A prescribed application form must be duly filled and filed;
  • The form must contain all the particulars of the company and person filing it;
  • It must be accompanied by the application fee.                                 

It’s very important to note that so as to issue the license, the Ministry will verify whether the agency meets the office space requirements and whether the person filing the program passes the fitness evaluation. The applicant should have not been convicted for any crime under the Employment Agency Law in the past five years at the time of this program.

Businessmen who want to find out more info on the recruitment companies in Ireland may contact our firm formation agents, who can offer assistance for all of the stages of this registration process. Our team of consultants in company registration in Ireland can provide guidance on the tax system that is applicable to a recruitment company and can inform investors of some other pertinent elements which are related to this type of business activity.

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